What Are The Best Lotion for Dry Feet (Guide & Reviews 2019)

What Are The Best Lotion for Dry Feet

While not necessarily life threatening, dry feet and dry skin can be a rather bothersome and irritating condition with which to deal. Having cracked heels doesn’t look that appealing either. That problem is usually the catalyst for people to try and do something about their dry skin because left untreated, the cracked heel, or heel … Read more

Effective Ways on How To Get Rid of Calluses

Effective Ways of Getting Rid of Calluses

Calluses, also called callosities, are protective layers of dead, compacted skin cells, or patches of skin that have thickened especially on feet or bony areas. At first, the calluses are not painful but if they overgrow and become severe, they become irritating and painful.How To Get Ride Of CallusInterestingly enough, getting rid of calluses can actually … Read more